Rodrigue Montpetit and Son Inc. Funeral Home know to answer the new tendencies to make personalized tributes. Various elements of decoration can be exposed with the coffin or with the funerary urn. Honoring a life by personalizing the funeral engages all the senses to express the distinctive character of the person honored

Besides our showroom of caskets and urns, Rodrigue Montpetit & Son Inc Funeral home provides you with a multitude of distinguished and quality commemoration products. Such as:

  • Funeral Arch
  • Burial Vault
  • Cremation Vault
  • Cards and bookmarks
  • Votive candles
  • Keepsake and jewelry

  • White dove release
  • Video tributes
  • Commemorative picture board
  • Portrait
  • Flowers

The personalization of funerals

Today's contemporary funeral traditions offer many ways to honour and commemorate someone who has died. Whether you choose traditional interment or cremation, we offer a selection of services that provides opportunities for family and friends to say good-bye in meaningful and comforting ways.